Welcome to the ICN Consumer Protection Check-List.  This Check-List was originally developed as a means of voluntarily regulating the content of websites to ensure that consumers have sufficient information to make informed purchasing decisions.  ICN, is now publicizing this information to help consumers make informed decisions when viewing websites.

  Make an Informed decision
    1. Never rely solely on the large print or banner ads to make a purchasing decision.  The big stuff is only meant to get your attention. It is the smaller print that actually tells you what you are getting, what something costs and what your obligations may be.
    2. Click on every link and READ this information.  If you are being asked to acknowledge that you have read something, then you need to read it.  The only reason you are being asked for the acknowledgment is that there is something in the text you are being asked to read that requires you to do something or pay for something.
    3. If there is a privacy policy, be sure to read it.  You should also look for an easy method or link to allow you to opt out and stop receiving email or ads from the identified company.  If there is no easy way out, don’t get in.
    4. Follow the asterisk. Many ads have symbols like asterisks (*) or other symbols (^, °,-) to let you know there is some disclosure you need to read related to the statement in the ad. Be sure to look for the information that relates to the symbol.
    5. The more links provided and the deeper they go into the site … BEWARE.

Know Who It Is Before You Buy

    1. If a strange person knocked on your door to sell you something, you would not simply trust them.  The Internet is the same as someone knocking on your door.  Before you agree to buy or provide information about yourself, make sure you know who you are dealing with.  If you can’t determine who is selling you the product or service or who is asking for your information … BEWARE.
    2. If you cannot determine how to contact the company or individual who is trying to sell you a good or service or is asking for your personal information … BEWARE.
    3. If you find contact information but it does not work … BEWARE.

Don’t Apply Unless You Can Verify

    1. If you believe there is or should be a cost associated with a product or service, but it is not on the first page of the application, don’t apply. 
    2. Terms and conditions should set forth all charges and fees, which may include processing fees, shipping fees, cancellation fees and potentially monthly charges, in one easy to read section.  If you cannot find, or do not understand the fees, don’t apply.
    3. Make sure you can find and understand the company’s refund and cancellation policy, generally found in the terms and conditions.  If you cannot find the policies or do not understand the policies, don’t apply.
    4. Before submitting any application read the privacy policy.  The policy should clearly state how it protects your personal information, whether the website will share your personal information with affiliated and non-affiliated companies and it should clearly set forth how to opt out of any marketing.  It is generally permissible for companies to share or sell your information, but you have to be told that.  If you can’t find or don’t understand a company’s privacy policy, don’t apply.
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